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UV-Driven Antifouling Paper Fiber Membranes for Efficient Oil–Water Separation

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posted on 14.03.2019, 00:00 by Yangyang Chen, Atian Xie, Jiuyun Cui, Jihui Lang, Yongsheng Yan, Chunxiang Li, Jiangdong Dai
Oil–water separation has received much attention worldwide due to increasing oily wastewater and frequent oil leak events. Herein, a superhydrophilic/underwater superoleophobic membrane (PF@PDA@TiO2) is synthesized by polydopamine (PDA) anchoring TiO2 nanowires on the surface of paper fibers (PF) via vacuum-assisted filtration technology for various efficient oil–water separations. The oil contact angle underwater of PF@PDA@TiO2 is about 156°, revealing its favorable underwater superoleophobic property. Remarkably, the PF@PDA@TiO2 affords a high separation efficiency of 99%. More importantly, the PF@PDA@TiO2 displays ultraviolet-driven superior antifouling performance even after 80 cycles. We believe that the low cost and superior antifouling PF@PDA@TiO2 will provide a striking application in oil–water separation.