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Two Zeolitic Open-Framework Aluminoborates Directed by Similar Zn-Complexes

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posted on 19.05.2017, 17:36 by Qi Wei, Jia-Jia Wang, Jie Zhang, Guo-Yu Yang
Two three-dimensional (3D) zeolitic open-framework aluminoborates (ABOs) [Zn­(ma)­(en)2]­[AlB5O10] (1) and [Zn­(ma)­(en)2]­[AlB6O11(OH)] (2) (ma = methylamine, en = ethylenediamine) were successfully made under solvothermal conditions, which represent the first examples using similar metal complex (MC) with mixed amines as the structure-directing agents in ABOs. Notice that the central atom in the MC is coordinated by mixed amines is uncommon. However, they exhibit distinctly different structures: 1 crystallizes in a centrosymmetric [Al­(B5O10)]n2n zeolitic framework built by pentaborate (B5O10) clusters and AlO4 tetrahedra, exhibiting a 4-connected cag topology, while 2 contains hexaborate (B6O11(OH)) clusters and AlO4 groups, further alternately joined to form a noncentrosymmetric [AlB6O11(OH)]n2n zeolitic framework with 7-/9-, 8-/10-ring helical channels and large 13-ring channels, showing a dia topology. Nonlinear optical (NLO) determination showed that 2 exhibits good second-harmonic generation response of ∼1.9 × KH2PO4 and is phase-matchable, combining the short UV cutoff edge, making 2 a potential UV NLO material.