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Two Diterpenes and Three Diterpene Glucosides from Phlogacanthus curviflorus

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posted on 28.01.2005, 00:00 by Xiao-Hong Yuan, Bo-Gang Li, Xiu-Yun Zhang, Hua-Yi Qi, Min Zhou, Guo-Lin Zhang
Two new diterpene lactones, phlogacantholides B (1) and C (2), and three new diterpene lactone glucosides, phlogacanthosides A (3), B (4), and C (5), together with lupeol, β-sitosterol, betulin, β-daucosterol, (+)-syringaresinol, and (+)-syringaresinol-4-O-β-d-glucopyranoside, were isolated from the roots of Phlogacanthus curviflorus. Their structures were elucidated by chemical and spectroscopic evidence. The structure, including the relative configuration of phlogacantholide B (1), was confirmed by X-ray crystallographic analysis of its diacetate (6).