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Two-Dimensional Metal–Organic Framework with Wide Channels and Responsive Turn-On Fluorescence for the Chemical Sensing of Volatile Organic Compounds

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posted on 21.05.2014, 00:00 by Mei Zhang, Guangxue Feng, Zhegang Song, Yu-Peng Zhou, Hsiu-Yi Chao, Daqiang Yuan, Tristan T. Y. Tan, Zhengang Guo, Zhigang Hu, Ben Zhong Tang, Bin Liu, Dan Zhao
We report a 2D layered metal–organic framework (MOF) with wide channels named NUS-1 and its activated analogue NUS-1a composed of Zn4O-like secondary building units and tetra­phenyl­ethene (TPE)-based ligand 4,4′-(2,2-di­phenyl­ethene-1,1-diyl)­di­benzoic acid. Due to its special structure, NUS-1a exhibits unprecedented gas sorption behavior, glass-transition-like phase transition under cryogenic conditions, and responsive turn-on fluorescence to various volatile organic compounds. Our approach using angular ligand containing partially fixed TPE units paves a way toward highly porous MOFs with fluorescence turn-on response that will find wide applications in chemical sensing.