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Two Alternative Routes for the Migratory Insertion of a Carbene Ligand into a C−H Bond

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posted on 05.01.1998, 00:00 by Ulrich Herber, Elke Bleuel, Olaf Gevert, Matthias Laubender, Helmut Werner
Reaction of [(η5-C5H5)Rh(CPh2)(PiPr3)] (2) with either PF3 or HX (X = Cl, CF3CO2) leads to a migratory insertion of the carbene ligand into one of the C−H bonds of the cyclopentadienyl ring. The X-ray crystal structures of [(η5-C5H4CHPh2)Rh(PF3)(PiPr3)] (5) and [(η5-C5H4CHPh2)RhCl2(PiPr3)] (7a) have been determined.