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Two-Step Design of a Single-Doped White Phosphor with High Color Rendering

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posted on 18.01.2017, 00:00 by Romain Gautier, Xueyan Li, Zhiguo Xia, Florian Massuyeau
A strategy to design step by step an inorganic single-doped white phosphor is demonstrated. The method consists in tuning different contributions of the emission by successively controlling the chemical compositions of the solid solution or nanosegregated host matrix and the oxidation states of the single dopant. We use this approach to design a white phosphor Na4CaMgSc4Si10O30:Eu with excellent color rendering (CRI > 90) that is similar to common mixed-phosphor light sources but for a single-phase. We show that this methodology can also be extended to other phosphors for use in diverse applications such as biomedicine or telecommunications.