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Two-Dimensional CuO Inside the Supportive Bilayer Graphene Matrix

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posted on 2019-06-14, 00:00 authored by D. G. Kvashnin, A. G. Kvashnin, E. Kano, A. Hashimoto, M. Takeguchi, H. Naramoto, S. Sakai, P. B. Sorokin
New two-dimensional (2D) copper monoxide located at the pore in a bilayer graphene matrix is investigated in both theoretical and experimental ways. Strict analysis of the lattice stability with respect to the magnetic state reveals that the CuO monolayer displays an antiferromagnetic rectangular structure as a favorable state. It is shown that 2D CuO can be confined in a bilayered graphene pore terminated with Cu atoms forming spin-polarized states on the graphene/CuO interface. It is found that the co-presence of Cu and O atoms around the bilayered graphene edge plays an essential role in the 2D CuO formation process.