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Two-Dimensional Co-Compounded Carbonaceous Nanoplates for Rubber Tire Composites with Enhanced Mechanical Properties

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posted on 29.06.2020, 15:04 by Hyelynn Song, June-Young Chung, Taewoo Kim, Junho Lee, Hakjun Lee, Jae-Do Nam, Hong H. Lee, Yong Hyup Kim
Two-dimensional (2D) materials can offer high exposed surface area and reactive functional groups. Despite the tremendous progresses made in the 2D materials, carbonaceous 2D materials have not seen their light perhaps because of the overwhelming shadow cast by graphene. Here, we introduce a platform for carbonaceous 2D materials that are co-compounded carbonaceous nanoplates (Co-CANPs). Co-compounding carbonaceous nanoplates (CANPs) with another compound are accomplished by a one-pot process, and the synthesized Co-CANP does not require any separation for its use. It was confirmed that the mechanical properties were improved by adding the synthesized Co-CANP as a tire additive, thereby proving its efficacy. The platform introduced here opens the door to organic–inorganic Co-CANPs and also to many component Co-CANPs.