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Twist-Stabilized, Coiled Carbon Nanotube Yarns with Enhanced Capacitance

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posted on 2022-01-24, 14:06 authored by Wonkyeong Son, Sungwoo Chun, Jae Myeong Lee, Gichan Jeon, Hyeon Jun Sim, Hyeon Woo Kim, Sung Beom Cho, Dongyun Lee, Junyoung Park, Joonhyeon Jeon, Dongseok Suh, Changsoon Choi
Coil-structured carbon nanotube (CNT) yarns have recently attracted considerable attention. However, structural instability due to heavy twist insertion, and inherent hydrophobicity restrict its wider application. We report a twist-stable and hydrophilic coiled CNT yarn produced by the facile electrochemical oxidation (ECO) method. The ECO-treated coiled CNT yarn is prepared by applying low potentiostatic voltages (3.0–4.5 V vs Ag/AgCl) between the coiled CNT yarn and a counter electrode immersed in an electrolyte for 10–30 s. Notably, a large volume expansion of the coiled CNT yarns prepared by electrochemical charge injection produces morphological changes, such as surface microbuckling and large reductions in the yarn bias angle and diameter, resulting in the twist-stability of the dried ECO-treated coiled CNT yarns with increased yarn density. The resulting yarns are well functionalized with oxygen-containing groups; they exhibit extrinsic hydrophilicity and significantly improved capacitance (approximately 17-fold). We quantitatively explain the origin of the capacitance improvement using theoretical simulations and experimental observations. Stretchable supercapacitors fabricated with the ECO-treated coiled CNT yarns show high capacitance (12.48 mF/cm and 172.93 mF/cm2, respectively) and great stretchability (80%). Moreover, the ECO-treated coiled CNT yarns are strong enough to be woven into a mask as wearable supercapacitors.