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Tuning the Chiroptical Properties of Elongated Nano-objects via Hierarchical Organization

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posted on 2020-03-27, 17:33 authored by Jie Gao, Wenbing Wu, Vincent Lemaire, Alain Carvalho, Sylvain Nlate, Thierry Buffeteau, Reiko Oda, Yann Battie, Matthias Pauly, Emilie Pouget
Chiral materials appear as excellent candidates to control and manipulate the polarization of light in optical devices. In nanophotonics, the self-assembly of colloidal plasmonic nanoparticles gives rise to strong resonances in the visible range, and when such organizations are chiral, a strong chiroplasmonic effect can be observed. In the present work, we describe the optical properties of chiral artificial nanophotonic materials, Goldhelices, which are hierarchically organized by grazing incidence spraying. These Goldhelices are made by plasmonic nanoparticles (gold) grafted onto helical templates made from silica nanohelices. A comparison of oriented versus non-oriented surfaces has been performed by Mueller matrix polarimetry, showing the importance of the organization of the Goldhelices regarding their interaction with light. Moreover, mono- versus multilayer photonic films are created, and the measured optical properties are discussed and compared to simulations.