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Tunable Out-of-Plane Piezoelectricity in Thin-Layered MoTe2 by Surface Corrugation-Mediated Flexoelectricity

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posted on 19.07.2018, 00:00 by Seunghun Kang, Sera Jeon, Sera Kim, Daehee Seol, Heejun Yang, Jaekwang Lee, Yunseok Kim
Piezoelectricity crystallographically exists only in the in-plane direction in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides. Here, we demonstrated flexoelectricity-tunable out-of-plane piezoelectricity in semiconducting 2H-MoTe2 flakes by creating surface corrugation. In particular, the strong out-of-plane piezoelectricity and its spatial variation depending on local flexoelectricity was observed even though crystallographically there exists only in-plane piezoelectricity. Surface corrugation-mediated flexoelectricity tuning can be applied to other two-dimensional or thin-layered materials and, furthermore, the results could provide useful information on the interweaving nature between mechanical stimulus and electric dipole in low-dimensional materials.