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Tunable Light Emission by Electrically Excited Plasmonic Antenna

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posted on 02.10.2019, 19:14 by Jin Qin, Yingjian Liu, Huiwen Luo, Zhongjun Jiang, Wenshan Cai, Liang Wang
Light emission excited by stable tunnel junctions has attracted interest for potential use in optoelectronic device integration. However, these electrically driven sources cannot provide a high electroluminescence intensity. Here, we report a source with 2 orders of magnitude higher output power (1.4 nW). A well-designed optical antenna allows the electromigration process to be located accurately at the structure’s center. Because of the subnanometer tunnel gap, the localized density of the optical states is greatly enhanced and contributes to high spontaneous emission rates. Combined with the antenna resonance and voltage bias, the localized surface plasmon energies can be tuned from 1.38 to 1.9 eV and provide a way to bridge the gap between plasmonic devices and integrated circuits.