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Trigochinins A−C: Three New Daphnane-Type Diterpenes from Trigonostemon chinensis

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posted on 19.03.2010, 00:00 by Hua-Dong Chen, Sheng-Ping Yang, Xiu-Feng He, Jing Ai, Zhen-Kai Liu, Hong-Bing Liu, Mei-Yu Geng, Jian-Min Yue
Three highly oxygenated new diterpenes, trigochinins A−C (13) were isolated from Trigonostemon chinensis. Their structures with the absolute configuration were determined by a spectroscopic method, X-ray crystallography, and CD analysis. This study suggested the revision of the C-6 stereochemistry of trigonothyrins A−C reported quite recently. Compound 3 showed significant inhibition against MET tyrosine kinase activity with a IC50 value of 1.95 μM.