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Trichothecrotocins D–L, Antifungal Agents from a Potato-Associated Trichothecium crotocinigenum

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posted on 01.09.2020, 13:06 by Hui-Xiang Yang, Juan He, Fa-Lei Zhang, Xian-Dong Zhang, Zheng-Hui Li, Tao Feng, Hong-Lian Ai, Ji-Kai Liu
Seven new merosesquiterpenoids, trichothecrotocins D–J (17), two new trichothecene sesquiterpenoids, trichothecrotocins K (12) and L (13), and six known compounds (811, 14, and 15), were isolated from a potato-associated fungus, Trichothecium crotocinigenum. Compounds 5 and 6 were racemates which were further separated as pure enantiomers. Structures together with absolute configurations were established by extensive spectroscopic analysis, as well as quantum chemistry calculations on ECD and optical rotations. Compounds 14 are rare meroterpenoids featuring a seco-phenyl group, while 1 and 2 possessed a novel 6–6/5 fused ring system. Compounds 14, 8, 11, and 12 showed antifungal activity against four plant pathogens with MIC values of 8–128 μg/mL. It is suggested that the meroterpenoids produced by T. crotocinigenum may play an important role in the antifungal property of the fungus, thereby protecting the host plant, i.e., potato.