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Tricarbonyl[(1−4-η)-2-Methoxy-5-methylenecyclohexa- 1,3-diene]iron as a Synthetic Intermediate:  Sequential Electrophilic and Nucleophilic Additions

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posted on 1998-03-10, 00:00 authored by Chi Wi Ong, Junn Nan Wang, Ting Ling Chien
Tricarbonyl[(1−4-η)-2-methoxy-5-methylenecyclohexa-1,3-diene]iron reacts with electrophiles to give the cyclohexadienylium−Fe(CO)3 cation, which either reacts with nucleophiles to form a new quaternary center or undergoes competitive loss of an acidic α-proton to give a new triene complex. This constitutes a new reaction sequence for the synthesis of 4,4-disubstituted cyclohexen-2-ones with the simultaneous introduction of two functional groups.