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Triangular Nanoframes Made of Gold and Silver

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posted on 15.03.2003, 00:00 by Gabriella S. Métraux, Yunwei Charles Cao, Rongchao Jin, Chad A. Mirkin
Silver nanoprisms (∼74-nm edge length) were etched with HAuCl4 to generate gold−silver alloy framework structures. Interestingly, these triangular nanoframes possess no strong surface plasmon bands in the ultraviolet or visible regions of the optical spectrum. By adding a mild reducing agent, l-ascorbic acid, gold and silver ions remaining in solution can be reduced, resulting in metal plating and reformation of nanoprisms. The extent of the back-filling process can be controlled, allowing one to form novel prisms with nanopores. This back-filling process is accompanied by a regeneration of the surface plasmon bands in the UV−vis spectrum.