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Tremella-Like ZnO@Col-I-Decorated Titanium Surfaces with Dual-Light-Defined Broad-Spectrum Antibacterial and Triple Osteogenic Properties

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posted on 2020-06-26, 15:12 authored by Siyu Zhao, Yingying Xu, Wenying Xu, Zhenzhen Weng, Fei Cao, Xinyi Wan, Tongcan Cui, Yajun Yu, Lan Liao, Xiaolei Wang
The growing population of peri-implant diseases (PIDs) has become a public obsession, mainly due to the lack of antibacterial ability and osteogenic promotion of titanium (Ti) implants. Herein, inspired by tremella, we reported zinc oxide (ZnO)@collagen type I (Col-I)-decorated Ti for PIDs treatments. Compared with pure Ti implants, ZnO@Col-I-decorated Ti could be activated by a safe visible yellow light and showed excellent broad-spectrum antibacterial properties. The proliferation and osteogenic gene expression of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) indicated that the triple osseointegration of implants was realized through (I) the remarkedly improved surface hydrophilicity of ZnO@Col-I-decorated Ti, (II) the function of Col-I, and (III) the excellent near-infrared (NIR)-induced photothermal performance of ZnO. Collectively, the proposed dual-light-defined ZnO@Col-I coating was a promising implant surface modification system to provide customized treatments for each PID patient.