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Trapping of Cp*W(NO)(η2-PhC⋮CH), the Key Intermediate in the CH Activation of Alkanes by Cp*W(NO)(CH2SiMe3)(CPhCH2)

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journal contribution
posted on 29.04.1997, 00:00 by Peter Legzdins, Sean A. Lumb
Thermolysis of the vinyl nitrosyl complex Cp*W(NO)(CH2SiMe3)(CPhCH2) (1) in ethyl acetate or acetonitrile affords the oxa- or azametallacycles Cp*W(NO)(η2-OC(Me)(OEt)CHCPh) (2) or Cp*W(NO)(η3-HNC(Me)NC(CH2)CHCPh) (3) and Cp*W(NO)(OH)(η2-HNC(Me)CHCPh) (4), respectively. Kinetic and mechanistic studies provide compelling evidence for a pathway involving initial rate-limiting unimolecular elimination of SiMe4 from 1 with concomitant formation of Cp*W(NO)(η2-CPh⋮CH) (A).