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Transmetalation of Alkyl Ligands from Cp*(PMe3)IrR1R2 to (cod)PtR3X

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posted on 2013-06-10, 00:00 authored by Landon J. Durak, Jared C. Lewis
Transmetalation of alkyl and carboxylate ligands between Cp*­(PMe3)Ir complexes and d8 Pt and Pd complexes is described. Studies on the scope and kinetics of this reaction support a mechanism in which carboxylate dissociation from the Pt or Pd center precedes alkyl transfer from Ir. Subsequent reaction of the resulting Pt or Pd alkyl complex enables functionalization of the hydrocarbyl ligands and suggests new opportunities for catalytic, nondirected C–C and C–H bond functionalization reactions.