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Transmetalation Reaction of Dimethylzinc and (Bis(2-pyridyl)methyl)lithium

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posted on 16.12.1999, 00:00 by Heinz Gornitzka, Catherine Hemmert, Guy Bertrand, Matthias Pfeiffer, Dietmar Stalke
The unexpected transmetalation reaction between the (bis(2-pyridyl)methyl)lithium compound [(THF)2LiPy2CH] (1) and dimethylzinc produces the novel dimer [MeZnC(H)Py2]2 (2), in which dimerization occurs via mutual ring N→Zn chelation between two monomers which contain Zn−C bonds. While all known (2-pyridyl)methyl anions are C(sp2)-centered planar ligands, structural evidence in 2 shows that the central carbon atom is partially sp3-hybridized.