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Toward a Stable Apoptolidin Derivative:  Identification of Isoapoptolidin and Selective Deglycosylation of Apoptolidin

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posted on 01.10.2002, 00:00 by James D. Pennington, Howard J. Williams, Arthur R. Salomon, Gary A. Sulikowski
Isoapoptolidin was isolated from crude fermentation extracts of the apoptolidin-producing microorganism Nocardiopsis sp. Apoptolidin isomerizes to isoapoptolidin upon treatment with methanolic triethylamine to establish a 1.4:1 equilibrium mixture of isoapoptolidin and apoptolidin. Semisynthesis of a peracetylated and deglycosylated derivative of apoptolidin is also described.