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Toward Hyperpolarization of Oil Molecules via Single Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond

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posted on 22.02.2018, 00:00 by P. Fernández-Acebal, O. Rosolio, J. Scheuer, C. Müller, S. Müller, S. Schmitt, L.P. McGuinness, I. Schwarz, Q. Chen, A. Retzker, B. Naydenov, F. Jelezko, M.B. Plenio
Efficient polarization of organic molecules is of extraordinary relevance when performing nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and imaging. Commercially available routes to dynamical nuclear polarization (DNP) work at extremely low temperatures, relying on the solidification of organic samples and thus bringing the molecules out of their ambient thermal conditions. In this work, we investigate polarization transfer from optically pumped nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond to external molecules at room temperature. This polarization transfer is described by both an extensive analytical analysis and numerical simulations based on spin bath bosonization and is supported by experimental data in excellent agreement. These results set the route to hyperpolarization of diffusive molecules in different scenarios and consequently, due to an increased signal, to high-resolution NMR.