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Toward Continuous Breath Monitoring on a Mobile Phone Using a Frugal Conducting Cloth-Based Smart Mask

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posted on 2022-11-17, 00:33 authored by Pillalamarri Srikrishnarka, Raaga Madhuri Dasi, Sourav Kanti Jana, Tripti Ahuja, Jenifer Shantha Kumar, Ankit Nagar, Amoghavarsha Ramachandra Kini, Boby George, Thalappil Pradeep
A frugal humidity sensor that can detect changes in the humidity of exhaled breath of individuals has been fabricated. The sensor comprises a humidity-sensitive conducting polymer that is in situ formed on a cloth that acts as a substrate. Interdigitated silver electrodes were screen-printed on the modified cloth, and conducting threads connected the electrodes to the measurement circuit. The sensor’s response to changing humidity was measured as a voltage drop across the sensor using a microcontroller. The sensor was capable of discerning between fast, normal, and slow breathing based on the response time. A response time of ∼1.3 s was observed for fast breathing. An Android-based mobile application was designed to collect sensor data via Bluetooth for analysis. A time series classification algorithm was implemented to analyze patterns in breathing. The sensor was later stitched onto a face mask, transforming it into a smart mask that can monitor changes in the breathing pattern at work, play, and sleep.