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Topotactic Transformations of Superstructures: From Thin Films to Two-Dimensional Networks to Nested Two-Dimensional Networks

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posted on 01.06.2011, 00:00 by Chuan Fei Guo, Sihai Cao, Jianming Zhang, Haoying Tang, Shengming Guo, Ye Tian, Qian Liu
Design and synthesis of super-nanostructures is one of the key and prominent topics in nanotechnology. Here we propose a novel methodology for synthesizing complex hierarchical superstructures using sacrificial templates composed of ordered two-dimensional (2D) nanostructures through lattice-directed topotactic transformations. The fabricated superstructures are nested 2D orthogonal Bi2S3 networks composed of nanorods. Further investigation indicates that the lattice matching between the product and sacrificial template is the dominant mechanism for the formation of the superstructures, which agrees well with the simulation results based on an anisotropic nucleation and growth analysis. Our approach may provide a promising way toward a lattice-directed nonlithographic nanofabrication technique for making functional porous nanoarchitectures and electronic devices.