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Time-Resolved Fluorescence Study of Aggregation-Induced Emission Enhancement by Restriction of Intramolecular Charge Transfer State

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posted on 14.01.2010, 00:00 by Bing-Rong Gao, Hai-Yu Wang, Ya-Wei Hao, Li-Min Fu, Hong-Hua Fang, Ying Jiang, Lei Wang, Qi-Dai Chen, Hong Xia, Ling-Yun Pan, Yu-Guang Ma, Hong-Bo Sun
Cyano-substituted oligo (α-phenylenevinylene)-1,4-bis(R-cyano-4-diphenylaminostyryl)-2,5-diphenylbenzene (CNDPASDB) molecules are studied in solution and aggregate state by time-resolved fluorescence techniques. CNDPASDB exhibits a strong solvent polarity dependent characteristic of aggregation-induced emission (AIE). By time-dependent spectra, the gradual transition from local excited state to intramolecular charge transfer state with the increasing solvent polarity is clearly resolved. The transition time in high polarity solvent DMF is very fast, around 0.5 ps, resulting in a low fluorescence quantum yield. While in aggregate state, the intramolecular torsion is restricted and the local environment becomes less polar. Thus, the intramolecular charge transfer state is eliminated and efficient AIE occurs.