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Ti3C2Tx MXene-Based Multifunctional Tactile Sensors for Precisely Detecting and Distinguishing Temperature and Pressure Stimuli

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posted on 2023-08-14, 10:33 authored by Fu-Lin Gao, Ji Liu, Xiao-Peng Li, Qian Ma, Tingting Zhang, Zhong-Zhen Yu, Jie Shang, Run-Wei Li, Xiaofeng Li
Although skin-like sensors that can simultaneously detect various physical stimuli are of fair importance in cutting-edge human–machine interaction, robotic, and healthcare applications, they still face challenges in facile, scalable, and cost-effective production using conventional active materials. The emerging two-dimensional transition metal carbide, Ti3C2Tx MXene, integrated with favorable thermoelectric properties, metallic-like conductivity, and a hydrophilic surface, is promising for solving these problems. Herein, skin-like multifunctional sensors are designed to precisely detect and distinguish temperature and pressure stimuli without cross-talk by decorating elastic and porous substrates with MXene sheets. Because the combination of the thermoelectric and conductive MXene with the thermally insulating, elastic, and porous substrate integrates efficient Seebeck and piezoresistive effects, the resultant sensor exhibits not only an ultralow detection limit (0.05 K), high signal-to-noise ratio, and excellent cycling stability for temperature detection but also high sensitivity, fast response time, and outstanding durability for pressure detection. Based on the impressive dual-mode sensing properties and independent temperature and pressure detections, a multimode input terminal and an electronic skin are created, exhibiting great potential in robotic and human–machine interaction applications. This work provides a scalable fabrication of multifunctional tactile sensors for precisely detecting and distinguishing temperature and pressure stimuli.