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Thrombin Embedded in eMPs@Thr/Sponge with Enhanced Procoagulant Ability for Uncompressible and Massive Hemorrhage Control

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posted on 2021-09-15, 19:33 authored by Wen Liu, Xiao Yang, Pengpeng Li, Feng Sang, Lina Cao, Bingxu Zhang, Zhizhen Meng, Zhaipu Ma, Changcan Shi
Uncontrollable hemorrhage, especially uncompressible and massive hemorrhage, is life threatening. To develop a kind of hemostatic material that is biocompatible and has effective hemostatic performance, a starch-polyethylene glycol sponge (St-PEG sponge) incorporated with electrospraying microspheres made from carboxymethyl chitosan and sodium alginate (CMC/SA eMPs) is employed to fabricate the topical hemostatic agent for application. To load thrombin safely and effectively, CMC/SA eMPs encapsulating thrombin compounds (eMPs@Thr) are further incorporated with St-PEG sponge to obtain eMPs@Thr/sponge. The results show that eMPs@Thr/sponge could obviously reduce blood loss and shorten the hemostatis time compared with commercial hemostatic products Kuai Kang. The construction of the eMPs@Thr/sponge could not only maintain the expandable properties of the St-PEG sponge but also strengthen the procoagulant activity. Therefore, this work provides a facile approach for loading thrombin given the fact that thrombin suffers from instability and risk of thrombus. It is predicted that eMPs@Thr/sponge might hold great potential in uncompressible and massive hemorrhage control.