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Three-Dimensional Morphology Control during Wet Chemical Synthesis of Porous Chromium Oxide Spheres

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posted on 2009-09-30, 00:00 authored by Lifang Chen, Zhi Song, Xue Wang, Sergey V. Prikhodko, Juncheng Hu, Suneel Kodambaka, Ryan Richards
Controlling the morphological evolution in nanostructures is essential for improving their functionality, for example, in catalysis. Here, we demonstrate, using chromium oxide as a model system, that morphologies of functional binary oxide particles can be tailored by an efficient template-free synthetic approach. We construct a morphological “phase diagram” for chromium oxide spheres that shows the evolution of size and surface roughness as a function of the precursor and urea concentrations. It is notable that these chromium oxide spheres show an exceptional ability to remove azo−dye pollutant in water treatment. Thus, the porous chromium oxide spheres with very good dye absorptions are expected to be useful in alternative absorption technologies.