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Three-Dimensional Frameworks of Cubic (NH4)5Ga4SbS10, (NH4)4Ga4SbS9(OH)·H2O, and (NH4)3Ga4SbS9(OH2)·2H2O

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posted on 2009-12-07, 00:00 authored by Joshua L. Mertz, Nan Ding, Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
Three new isostructural open-framework sulfides, (NH4)5Ga4SbS10 (1), (NH4)4Ga4SbS9(OH)·H2O (2a), and (NH4)3Ga4SbS9(H2O)·2H2O (2b), were synthesized under basic hydrothermal conditions using ammonium hydroxide as the structure-directing agent. The structures feature a three-dimensional open framework comprised of adamantane [Ga4Q10]8− clusters linked with Sb3+ centers. The compounds are wide gap semiconductors, crystallize in the chiral space group P213, and represent a new structure type. They exhibit nonlinear optical properties.