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Three-Dimensional Branched TiO2 Architectures in Controllable Bloom for Advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries

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posted on 2016-07-15, 00:00 authored by Shaofu Wang, Dandan Qu, Yun Jiang, Wan-Sheng Xiong, Hong-Qian Sang, Rong-Xiang He, Qidong Tai, Bolei Chen, Yumin Liu, Xing-Zhong Zhao
Three-dimensional branched TiO2 architectures (3D BTA) with controllable morphologies were synthesized via a facile template-free one-pot solvothermal route. The volume ratio of deionized water (DI water) and diethylene glycol in solvothermal process is key to the formation of 3D BTA assembled by nanowire-coated TiO2 dendrites, which combines the advantages of 3D hierarchical structure and 1D nanoscale building blocks. Benefiting from such unique structural features, the BTA in full bloom achieved significantly increased specific surface areas and shortened Li+ ion/electrons diffusion pathway. The lithium-ion batteries based on BTA in full bloom exhibited remarkably enhanced reversible specific capacity and rate performance, attributing to the high contact area with the electrolyte and the short solid state diffusion pathway for Li+ ion/electrons promoting lithium insertion and extraction.