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Thiol-Anchored TIPS-Tetracene Ligands with Quantitative Triplet Energy Transfer to PbS Quantum Dots and Improved Thermal Stability

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posted on 2020-08-20, 14:35 authored by Victor Gray, Zhilong Zhang, Simon Dowland, Jesse R. Allardice, Antonios M. Alvertis, James Xiao, Neil C. Greenham, John E. Anthony, Akshay Rao
Triplet energy transfer between inorganic quantum dots (QDs) and organic materials plays a fundamental role in many optoelectronic applications based on these nanocomposites. Attaching organic molecules to the QD as transmitter ligands has been shown to facilitate transfer both to and from QDs. Here we show that the often disregarded thiol anchoring group can achieve quantitative triplet energy transfer yields in a PbS QD system with 6,11-bis­[(triisopropylsilyl)­ethynyl]­tetracene-2-methylthiol (TET-SH) ligands. We demonstrate efficient triplet transfer in a singlet fission-based photon multiplication system with 5,12-bis­[(triisopropylsilyl)­ethynyl]­tetracene generating triplets in solution that transfer to the PbS QDs via the thiol ligand TET-SH. Importantly, we demonstrate the increased thermal stability of the PbS/TET-SH system, compared to the traditional carboxylic acid counterpart, allowing for higher photoluminescence quantum yields.