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Thickness Dependent Magnetic Transition in Few Layer 1T Phase CrTe2

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posted on 19.07.2021, 18:36 by Pengfei Gao, Xingxing Li, Jinlong Yang
Room temperature two-dimensional (2D) ferromagnetism is highly desired in practical spintronics applications. Recently, 1T phase CrTe2 (1T-CrTe2) nanosheets with 5 and thicker layers have been successfully synthesized, which all exhibit the properties of ferromagnetic (FM) metals with Curie temperatures around 305 K. However, whether the ferromagnetism therein can be maintained when continuously reducing the nanosheet’s thickness to monolayer limit remains unknown. Here, through first-principles calculations, we explore the evolution of magnetic properties of 1 to 6 layer CrTe2 nanosheets and several interesting points are found: First, unexpectedly, monolayer CrTe2 prefers a zigzag antiferromagnetic (AFM) state with its energy much lower than that of FM state. Second, in 2 to 4 layer CrTe2, both the intralayer and interlayer magnetic coupling are AFM. Last, when the number of layers is equal to or greater than 5, the intralayer and interlayer magnetic coupling become FM. Such highly thickness dependent magnetism provides a new perspective to control the magnetic properties of 2D materials.