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Thick Transparent Rutile TiO2 Films Crystallized in Solution

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posted on 2007-04-24, 00:00 authored by Y.-F. Gao, M. Nagai, W. S. Seo, K. Koumoto
We report a novel process for the preparation of dense, transparent TiO2 films of 2.5 μm thickness on a F-doped SnO2-covered glass substrate. The starting solution contained peroxotitanate complex ions, which are relatively stable under the experimental conditions, permitting the deposition of highly textured rutile nanocrystalline films. The nanocrystals exhibit specific orientations along the (101) and (002) crystalline planes. Kinetic studies suggest that the precipitation started from the formation of amorphous solids, followed by crystallization through a dissolution−recrystallization process. Although a minor phase of anatase was detected only for powders collected from solutions after film preparation, not for films, the transformation from amorphous to anatase was believed to occur before further transformation of anatase to rutile. The present method enables film synthesis on a surface with a large area, and therefore could be integrated into the processing of electroluminescent devices.