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Thermoresponsive Hemostatic Hydrogel with a Biomimetic Nanostructure Constructed from Aggregated Collagen Nanofibers

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posted on 09.12.2020, 22:31 by Xinhua Liu, Mengdi Hou, Xiaomin Luo, Manhui Zheng, Xuechuan Wang, Huijie Zhang, Junling Guo
Uncontrollable bleeding poses considerable fatality risks by large-volume blood losses. Current emergency antibleeding handlings including either compression with gauze or “passive” blood transfusion are thus far from ideal, while most recently developed hemostatic agents still share common limitations without considering the subsequent tissue repairing and antibacterial activity after treatment. Herein, we introduce a novel bioinspired aggregated collagen nanofiber-based biocompatible and efficient hemostatic hydrogel material (TS-Gel-Ag-col) prepared by the integration of multifunctional compounds of muco-mimetic poloxamer, polyvinylpyrrolidone, and dencichine/chitosan dialdehyde synergistic crosslinked aggregated collagen nanofibers decorated with silver nanoparticles. Comprehensive material characterization and in vitro and in vivo studies of TS-Gel-Ag-col demonstrate that these materials possess effective antihemorrhagic and antibacterial wound protection effects. Moreover, TS-Gel-Ag-col can facilitate the tissue repairing of skin wounds by promoting revascularization. TS-Gel-Ag-col holds great promise for next-generation collagen-based absorbable hemostatic materials and for the development of smart artificial skins.