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Theoretical Study on Second Hyperpolarizabilities of Intramolecular Pancake-Bonded Diradicaloids with Helical Scaffolds

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posted on 06.02.2019, 09:13 by Shota Takamuku, Masayoshi Nakano
Using the spin-unrestricted density functional theory method, we have investigated a novel class of open-shell singlet fused-ring molecules with helical scaffolds toward the development of highly efficient third-order nonlinear optical (NLO) systems. It turns out that the helical molecules possess pancake bonding with intermediate diradical character and thereby exhibit large enhancement of orientationally-averaged second hyperpolarizability γs values (third-order NLO properties at the molecular scale) as compared to their closed-shell analogues. It is also found that the asymmetric charge distribution between the cofacial radical sites located on both the terminal rings of the helical scaffold leads to further enhancement of the γ value in the intermediate open-shell character region as compared to the open-shell analogues without asymmetric charge distributions. These results indicate that the helical systems with intermediate diradical character are potential candidates for the building block of highly efficient open-shell singlet NLO materials, which are superior to the conventional closed-shell NLO materials.