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Theoretical Study of the Stress Transfer Effect on the Output of a Composite Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

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posted on 18.11.2021, 14:37 by Qi Xu, Juan Wen, Yong Qin
Combining ceramic ferroelectrics with high piezoelectric constant and polymers with high flexibility as the piezoelectric active material is one promising way to obtain flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators (PENGs) with high performance. The stress transfer between the polymer matrix and ceramic ferroelectric is an important factor that determines the PENG’s output. In this paper, the influence of the piezoelectric ceramic particle’s aspect ratio and the size of the poly­(dimethylsiloxane) cylindrical matrix on the output of the composite PENG are studied, and ways to realize both high output and flexibility are pointed out. These results are of practical importance for the fabrication of flexible PENGs with both high output and flexibility.