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Theoretical Investigation of Bimolecular Carbon Chain Growth Reactions in the Interstellar Media

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posted on 2024-03-13, 22:14 authored by Anitta Regina, Manikandan Paranjothy
Detection of molecular anions in interstellar media implies that negatively charged species play a prominent role in astrochemical reactions. Among the observed species, carbon chain anions are important, as they can be precursors for the production of complex organic molecules. These anions can form either via direct electron attachment to the corresponding neutral species or through chain growth reactions of smaller anions, resulting in longer chains. In a recent study, crossed beam experiments coupled with velocity map imaging techniques were used to investigate the carbon chain growth reaction C2n + C2H2 → C2n+2Hm + H2–m (n = 1–3, m = 0,1). Products and branching ratios were established from experimental data. In the present work, electronic structure calculations and on-the-fly direct dynamics simulations were used to study these reactions. Energy profiles were investigated by using different density functional methods. Direct trajectory simulations were performed at the experimental collision energies using the B3LYP/6-31+G* level of theory. Trajectory analysis showed a variety of reaction pathways, and detailed atomic-level reaction mechanisms are presented.