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The Pentatin Cation in Zeolite Y: Thallous Ion Exchange and Crystal Structure of |Sn36Cl11|[Si128Al64O384]‑FAU Containing Sn512+, Sn2Cl3+, and Sn3Cl5+

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posted on 09.12.2016, 00:00 by Joon Yeob Kim, Nam Ho Heo, Karl Seff
Sn512+, Sn2Cl3+, and Sn3Cl5+ have replaced all of the Tl+ ions in the zeolite Tl71–Y (|Tl71|[Si121Al71O384]-FAU) by thallous ion exchange (TIE), a vapor phase ion exchange method. SnCl2(g) was allowed to react with Tl71–Y under anhydrous conditions at 673 K for 48 h. The crystal structure of the product, |(Sn512+)1.70Sn2+27.4Cl10.8|[Si127.6Al64.4O384]-FAU per unit cell, was determined by single-crystal crystallography at 294 K using synchrotron X-radiation (Fdm, a = 24.758(1) Å). It was refined with all 1465 unique data to the final error indices R1 = 0.061 and R2 = 0.208. Its composition was confirmed by scanning electron microscopy energy-dispersive X-ray analysis. Centered tetrahedral Sn512+ clusters center 21% of the sodalite cavities. About 10 Sn2+ ions per unit cell near 12-rings are bridged by Cl ions to form five Sn2Cl3+ clusters. Similarly, six Sn3Cl5+ clusters have formed, each containing one 6-ring and two 12-ring Sn2+ ions.