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The MetaProteomeAnalyzer: A Powerful Open-Source Software Suite for Metaproteomics Data Analysis and Interpretation

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journal contribution
posted on 06.03.2015, 00:00 by Thilo Muth, Alexander Behne, Robert Heyer, Fabian Kohrs, Dirk Benndorf, Marcus Hoffmann, Miro Lehtevä, Udo Reichl, Lennart Martens, Erdmann Rapp
The enormous challenges of mass spectrometry-based metaproteomics are primarily related to the analysis and interpretation of the acquired data. This includes reliable identification of mass spectra and the meaningful integration of taxonomic and functional meta-information from samples containing hundreds of unknown species. To ease these difficulties, we developed a dedicated software suite, the MetaProteomeAnalyzer, an intuitive open-source tool for metaproteomics data analysis and interpretation, which includes multiple search engines and the feature to decrease data redundancy by grouping protein hits to so-called meta-proteins. We also designed a graph database back-end for the MetaProteomeAnalyzer to allow seamless analysis of results. The functionality of the MetaProteomeAnalyzer is demonstrated using a sample of a microbial community taken from a biogas plant.