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The Mechanism and Fine-Tuning of Chiral Plexcitons in the Strong Coupling Regime

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posted on 2023-10-12, 13:33 authored by Chengmao He, Jiaqi Guo, Lei Jin, Xuyan Deng, Junqiang Li, Xiongyu Liang, Kun Liang, Li Yu
Chiral plexcitons, produced by the strong interaction between plasmonic nanocavities and chiral molecules, can provide a promising direction for controlling chiroptical responses on the nanoscale. Here, we reveal the chiral origin and electromagnetic hybridization process in chiral strongly coupled systems. The mechanism and unique advantages of chiral plexcitons for fine-tuning circular dichroism (CD) responses are demonstrated, providing a rule for controlling chiral light–matter interactions in complex chiral nanosystems. Furthermore, we experimentally demonstrate the fine-tuning of chiral plexcitons in hybrid systems consisting of plasmonic nanoparticles and chiral J-aggregates. Continuous and precise tuning of the CD resonance positions was successfully achieved in a given structure. Compared with the previous work, the CD spectral tuning accuracy has been improved by an order of magnitude, which can reach the level of 1 nm. Our findings provide a feasible strategy and theoretical basis for accurately controlling chirality in multiple dimensions.