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The Goldilocks Principle in Phase Labeling. Minimalist and Orthogonal Phase Tagging for Chromatography-Free Mitsunobu Reaction

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posted on 29.01.2018, 00:00 by Mariann Szigeti, Zoltán Dobi, Tibor Soós
An inexpensive and chromatography-free Mitsunobu methodology has been developed using low molecular weight and orthogonally phase-tagged reagents, a tert-butyl-tagged highly apolar phosphine, and a water-soluble DIAD analogue. The byproduct of the Mitsunobu reactions can be removed by sequential liquid–liquid extractions using traditional solvents such as hexanes, MeOH, water, and EtOAc. Owing to the orthogonal phase labeling, the spent reagents can be regenerated. This new variant of the Mitsunobu reaction promises to provide an alternative and complementary solution for the well-known separation problem of the Mitsunobu reaction without having to resort to expensive, large molecular weight reagents and chromatography.