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The First Spiroconjugated TTF- and TCNQ-Type Molecules:  A New Class of Electroactive Systems?

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posted on 2005-01-20, 00:00 authored by Pilar Sandín, Angeles Martínez-Grau, Luis Sánchez, Carlos Seoane, Rosendo Pou-Amérigo, Enrique Ortí, Nazario Martín
Spiroconjugated TTF-type electron donors (13ac) and TCNQ-type electron acceptors (10, 11) have been prepared from spiroquinone 9. Cyclic voltammetry reveals a relatively weak accepting ability for 10 and 11, and a strong electron-donor character for 13ac. Whereas the spiroconjugation introduces a destabilization of the LUMO for compounds 911, the opposite is observed for compound 13, thus justifying the redox potential values.