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The First Slipped Pseudo-Quadruple-Decker Complex of Phthalocyanines

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posted on 2004-07-26, 00:00 authored by Hongchuan Zhang, Rongmin Wang, Peihua Zhu, Zefeng Lai, Juan Han, Chi-Fung Choi, Dennis K. P. Ng, Xuegui Cui, Changqin Ma, Jianzhuang Jiang
The first slipped pseudo-quadruple-decker complex of phthalocyanines was formed unexpectedly upon treatment of the protonated double-decker SmIIIH(Pc)[Pc(α-OC4H9)8] with NaOH. The supramolecular structure contains two double-decker units linked by two sodium ions by an extremely rare coordination mode of phthalocyanines in which an aza nitrogen atom and two oxygen atoms from neighboring alkoxy substituents form a tridentate ligand.