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The Electromagnetic Absorption of a Na-Ethylenediamine Graphite Intercalation Compound

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posted on 30.03.2020, 15:03 by Le Quan, Hanyang Zhang, Huijie Wei, Yunqing Li, Sung O Park, Dae Yeon Hwang, Yu Tian, Ming Huang, Chunhui Wang, Meihui Wang, Sang Kyu Kwak, Faxiang Qin, Hua-Xin Peng, Rodney S. Ruoff
A sodium-ethylenediamine graphite intercalation compound (Na­(ethylenediamine)­C15: “GIC”) made from graphite flakes was used to study the microwave absorption performance of a GIC for the first time. Compared with the pristine graphite flakes, the neighboring layers in this GIC are pillared by Na­(ethylenediamine)+ and possess a larger layer distance and improved electrical conductivity. Owing to the electrical conductivity of this GIC, only half of the loading content, compared to graphite flakes, is needed to achieve an outstanding absorption of −75.6 dB at 9.25 GHz (10.0 wt % GIC in paraffin in a 4.0 mm thick sample), but for graphite, 20.0 wt % is required for an absorption of −37.6 dB.