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The Crystal Structure and Raman Spectrum of Ge5Cl12·GeCl4 and the Vibrational Spectrum of Ge2Cl6

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posted on 28.10.1998, 00:00 by Ian R. Beattie, Peter J. Jones, Gillian Reid, Michael Webster
The Raman spectrum of Ge2Cl6 shows close analogies with that of the isoelectronic [Ga2Cl6]2-. A band at 262 cm-1 is assigned as principally a Ge−Ge stretching mode. The compound is very moisture-sensitive and decomposes readily in vacuo to give GeCl4 as one of the products. A sealed sample stored at room temperature gave colorless cuboidal crystals shown by X-ray crystallography to be Ge5Cl12·GeCl4. The Ge−Ge distance in the neopentyl-like Ge5 skeleton is 2.420(6) Å, and the Ge−Cl distance in the Ge5Cl12 moiety is 2.119(5) Å whereas in the case of the GeCl4 molecule it is 2.082(7) Å. The symmetric stretching frequency of the Ge5 tetrahedron is assigned to the band at 224 cm-1.