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Tetrafluoroborate-Monofluorophosphate (NH4)3[PO3F][BF4]: First Member of Oxyfluoride with B–F and P–F Bonds

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posted on 04.08.2021, 14:34 by Haotian Qiu, Wenbing Cai, Zhihua Yang, Yanli Liu, Miriding Mutailipu, Shilie Pan
Inspired by the strategy of fluorine introduction in borates and phosphates, the inorganic oxyfluoride (NH4)3[PO3F]­[BF4] with B–F and P–F bonds has been characterized as the first fluoroborate-fluorophosphate. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) name for (NH4)3[PO3F]­[BF4] should be ammonium tetrafluoroborate-monofluorophosphate according to the structure characteristics. The existence and coordination of fluorine in (NH4)3[PO3F]­[BF4] were confirmed by several approaches, including single-crystal structure analysis; bond valence analysis; and X-ray energy dispersive, infrared spectrum, and also nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This work is of great significance to enrich the solid-state chemistry of borates and phosphates and also open a new branch of mixed anion compound with fluoroborate-fluorophosphates.