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Test of Universal Scaling Law for Molecular Diffusion of Liquids in Bulk and Nanotube Confinement

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posted on 2017-05-10, 00:00 authored by Pooja Sahu, Sk. Musharaf Ali, K. T. Shenoy
The task of observing and understanding the relationship between transport and thermodynamic properties of atomic and molecular fluids has been a continuing open problem in condensed matter. The problem becomes more complex and challenging when the fluids are confined in nanoscale dimensions. In order to address this complex problem, a scaling law has been established by linking the molecular diffusivity and excess entropy of molecular liquids and liquid mixtures both in bulk and under nanoconfinement, which is found to be quite universal and also reproduces the earlier scaling law for atomic diffusion [Nature (London) 1996, 381, 137]. The excess entropy, which is central to this universal scaling law, has been estimated using a robust and very fast “two phase thermodynamic” (2PT) method, where density of states (DOS) has been employed, which may also be obtained from power spectrum of diffusing liquids using scattering experiments thus offers an indirect route to determine the molecular diffusivity. The present scaling law would contribute to the deeper understanding of molecular transport in bulk and through CNTs, which might be very supportive for various related fields of liquid filtration, biological applications, and nanotechnologies.