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Terthiophene−Perylene diimides: Color Tuning via Architecture Variation

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posted on 18.11.2010, 00:00 authored by Henrike Wonneberger, Chang-Qi Ma, Martina A. Gatys, Chen Li, Peter Bäuerle, Klaus Müllen
N,N′-Bisoctylperylene diimides (PDIs) have been functionalized in the 1,7-position with terthiophenes of varying architecture giving three new donor−acceptor (D−A) compounds of the same molecular weight. Different conjugation lengths, arrangements, and connections of the thiophene units within themselves and toward the PDI core have strong effects on the optical, electronic, and photochemical properties of the D−A compounds. Like jigsaw pieces joined together to give different pictures, the terthiophenes are linked to PDIs to achieve different colors. These insights into tuning color and energy levels can open new possibilities for tailoring chromophores to their desired applications, e.g., organic photovoltaics or organic field effect transistors.