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Template-Free Formation of Meso-Structured Anatase TiO2 with Spherical Morphology

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posted on 2008-12-18, 00:00 authored by Poovathinthodiyil Raveendran, Muthusamy Eswaramoorthy, Unnikrishnan Bindu, Maya Chatterjee, Yukiya Hakuta, Hajime Kawanami, Fujio Mizukami
Template-free synthetic approaches offer significant environmental and economical advantages in the synthesis of industrially important, high surface area, meso-structured metal oxide materials such as titania. Herein, we show that the simple, neutral, room-temperature, hydrolytic condensation of Ti(IV) n-butoxide dispersed in ethyl acetate followed by mild heating yields meso-structured, submicron-sized anatase spheres with high surface area and thermal stability (400 °C).