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Template Approach to Crystalline GaN Nanosheets

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posted on 17.04.2017, 00:00 by Baodan Liu, Wenjin Yang, Jing Li, Xinglai Zhang, Pingjuan Niu, Xin Jiang
Crystalline GaN nanosheets hold great challenge in growth and promising application in optoelectronic nanodevices. In this work, we reported an accessible template approach toward the rational synthesis of GaN nanosheets through the nitridation of metastable γ-Ga2O3 nanosheets synthesized from a hydrothermal reaction. The cubic γ-Ga2O3 nanosheets with smooth surface and decent crystallinity can be directly converted into hexagonal GaN nanosheets with similar morphology framework and comparable crystal quality in NH3 at 850 °C. UV–vis spectrum measurement reveals that the GaN nanosheets show a band gap of 3.30 eV with strong visible absorption in the range of 370–500 nm. The template synthetic strategy proposed in this work will open up more opportunities for the achievement of a variety of sheetlike nanostructures that can not be obtained through conventional routines and will undoubtedly further promote the fundamental research of newly emerging sheetlike nanostructures and nanotechnology.